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In July 1998, my Father suffered a bilateral stroke, leaving him paralyzed, unable to take care of himself and completely dependent  on his family for everything. Since then, we have been caring for him non-stop. Nothing prepared us for the day to day challenges of constant care.
One of the more daunting aspects in caring for dad has been locating and obtaining  adult diapers  and incontinence products that provide the optimum in protection.  Failure to provide  an effective incontinence protection program can quickly result in skin breakdown, itching, burning, odor and infections that is not only uncomfortable and potentially dangerous for the patient but also increases the already strenuous workload of the caregiver. I came to understand that choosing the correct adult diaper is not enough. To efficiently and completely care for this vital aspect of the daily regimen, one must address the issues of effective removal and disposal of incontinence, thorough skin cleaning, disinfection and protection, and surface protection.

It is this concern for Dad and for others, who face the same challenges, that moved me to make available to health care professionals and caring family members, the highest quality incontinence products as well as a wide variety of incontinence supplies necessary to provide a comprehensive system of care. To this I add over ten years of hands-on experience in successfully managing this vital area of personal health care.
     Please allow us to assist you in improving the quality of your care.

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