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The ADC Complete Care Approach

The ADC Complete Care Approach is a system based on incontinence education, product information, and hands-on experience, in order to aid our clients in building a comprehensive system of incontinence care.

Our goal is to help you define your needs, inform you of choices available and present a clear understanding of how each aspect of care contributes its part to an effective incontinence program that will help you reduce this tedious and often problematic area of health care to an easily manageable routine. For more information view the following articles, Incontinence and Choosing Incontinence Products.

Maintains Comfort and Well-Being
For those who contend with incontinence, it can often be an embarrassing and emotionally traumatic experience. Patients may feel like they are losing control of their lives or are a burden on others, because of their condition. A large part of America's population is incontinent, but use no products to help them to keep this problem under control. Some may not know what their options are when it comes to  controlling incontinence. There is no need to be humiliated by these accidents. Adult Diaper Care is here to help you get started in the process of managing incontinence, while preserving your lifestyle and dignity.

Preserves Lifestyle and Dignity
The right products will help you preserve your quality of life and your dignity. How? By understanding the purpose of each incontinence product and the proper level of incontinence protection right for you, takes away the fear of leaks and odors, allowing you to control your incontinence with grace and confidence, as you carry on with your normal activities.

Adult diapers or briefs are for those suffering from incontinence with maximum protection against the heaviest bowel or urine leakage. Their adjustable tabs allow for more secure fastening and curved leg elastic for a close fit to prevent leakage. They can easily be put on without having to remove pants or dress. For active patients, the best choices of protection are disposable pull ups, belted undergarments, pads or liners. Pull ups and belted undergarments normally provide the heaviest protection against full blown accidents. Pads are usually used for light to medium protection, depending on the type of pad. Liners are for medium and heavier protection for those who have some control over their bladders. Both pads and liners come with adhesive strips to ensure they stay in place and are comfortable. Adult Diaper Care offers a wide selection of absorbent protective undergarments for all types of protection. For more information, visit Choosing Incontinence Products.

Assures Body and Environmental Cleanness
Proper cleaning techniques will maintain skin integrity and prevent infections, just as prompt and proper disposal of soiled diapers, will keep patient environment clean and odor free.

Please see attached article, Changing & Cleaning Techniques for a step by step guide for cleaning oneself or a bed bound patient.

Prevents Skin Irritation and Infection
The first step to protecting your patient is to clean the skin. The best way to do this is by using moist wipes or dry disposable wipes. Adult Diaper Care offers all a selection of incontinence products that include traditional washcloths, dry or pre-moistened disposable washcloths and wipes that saves time and money, eliminating laundering, folding, and storing reusable washcloths, while protecting the skin from the potential effects of harsh cleaning and disinfecting chemicals. Protection of the care giver is essential so gloves should be worn before anything else is done.

The second step is to protect the skin with an ointment. Skin protection is very important, especially with an older person's skin because it is so sensitive that when accidents do happen, if skin is not protected it can lead to painful rashes, lesions or hot spots. The best ointments should be enriched with Vitamins A, D and E and should be anti-microbial. Key ingredients should also include zinc oxide and should be easy to remove. Ointments should have the ability to prevent as well as treat rashes, dry skin and other perineal skin care issues. Adult Diaper Care offers several products which meet and exceed these requirements. For more information, visit Changing & Cleaning Techniques.

Provides Efficient Use of Time and Resources

Please allow us to assist you in improving the quality of your care.

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