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1. What is incontinence?

Incontinence is the inability to control either urine or fecal elimination. Essentially this means that to some degree you may lose urine or bowel movements at times that you do not choose to do so. See article on Incontinence.

2. Is incontinence a normal part of getting older?

No, it is not. It does affect a large percentage of the senior population but the causes should be identified by your doctor. Incontinence is NOT a disease, it is a symptom, but it can be treated once the causes are determined. If you are experiencing any type of incontinence you should see your doctor, there is a good chance you can be helped with this problem.

3. How often is normal for urinating or having a bowel movement?

Keep in mind that humans come in an infinite variety so there is no one right answer. However there are basic guidelines. Most people urinate four to eight times per twenty four-hour period. Getting up once a night is normal, if you are getting up more than twice per night you should see your doctor. Most people have a bowel movement anywhere between three times per day to three times per week.

4. What are some things I can do to avoid incontinence?

Always be sure to drink enough liquid. People may think that if they feel as though they need to urinate often they should cut back on liquids. It is just the opposite. You need to keep enough fluid in your system to keep it running smoothly, at least 3-4 pints per day. Do not try to force yourself to go to the bathroom (due to convenience) but do go when you need to. Be sure to get enough fiber in your diet to keep your bowels in good working order.

5. If I go to the doctor is surgery the only answer?

Although some causes of incontinence are treated very effectively with surgery, it is not the only answer. Some types of incontinence respond well to simple exercise techniques. There are medications that can help some types of incontinence. There are other techniques like "bladder or bowel training" that help you learn new ways of controlling urination or bowel movements. The first step is to find out why you have the problem and then discuss the best treatment options with your doctor.

6. If I am experiencing some type of incontinence are there products that can help me deal with this problem?

Yes there are! Adult Diaper Care carries a full line of absorbent products. See product selection.

7. What are some of those products and how do I know which one will be right for me?

See article on Choosing Incontinence Products or visit product selection for more specific information.

8. How do I know which size brief will fit me?

Adult Diaper Care carries First Quality products, the only manufacturer that has six sizes of briefs.

1.    Measure the hips or waist, whatever is larger. Measure hipbone to hipbone and over the stomach.
2.    After obtaining the hipbone to hipbone measurement, double the measurement and add two inches.
     Hipbone to hipbone = 22"
     22" X 2 = 44" + 2" = 46"
     46" measures into a large brief             

9. How do I put on a brief?



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