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Learning how to manage incontinence is essential for maintaining a normal lifestyle, while preserving dignity and peace of mind. There is a large variety of incontinence products available, designed to accommodate the individual needs of each wearer. With more product choices, a clear understanding of your personal requirements and needed features, enables you to find a product and style that provides the fit, comfort and performance best for you. This is an essential part of our ADC Complete Care Approach.

ADULT DIAPERS (BRIEFS) open and close like a diaper with tabs that secure them in place.

BLADDER CONTROL PADS & MALE GUARDS are worn inside your regular undergarments.

PANT LINERS are larger pads worn inside your own undergarments.

PERINEAL CARE products address the essential aspects of incontinence management-skin care and health.

PULL-UPS & UNDERWEAR pull on and off like your own undergarments with more absorbent area similar to adult diapers.

UNDERGARMENTS are large pads that wrap from front to back, secured by a belt or elastic band, which provide more protection; they are similar to pull-ups and adult diapers, without the bulk.

UNDERPADS are large absorbent pads with a moisture barrier, placed under the user to provide additional protection for patient and surfaces.

WASHCLOTHS AND WIPES, disposable and reusable, handle incontinence removal and clean-up, as well as general bathing and refreshening needs.

The above description is limited. It is important to note that within each category, the products will have additional features that will target your individual needs and preferences.

The first step in incontinence product selection is determining what your type and level of incontinence is. Is your incontinence urinary only or is fecal involved? Is it light, moderate or heavy? Does it involve a sudden urge or are you able to anticipate occurrences? View information on Incontinence.

In order of protection, pads and male guards handle light incontinence. Pant liners manage larger amounts of incontinence. Belted undergarments handle light to moderate levels. Pullups and protective underwear are best for moderate to heavy protection. Adult diapers address heavy urinary discharges as well as fecal incontinence and for extended periods of time.

Step two, consider your lifestyle? Are you active and in the public? Are you mainly around home and family? Are you or another family member/patient bedridden?

Pads, guards, liners and belted undergarments allow more freedom of movement for active wearers, whereas pullups and adult diapers provide greater protection with more bulk and confinement.

The third step is to decide between disposable and reusable products. Disposable products are much more convenient and sanitary, with a lower initial cost. Reusable items require a larger initial investment, more time spent in cleaning, laundering and storing the products and the hidden costs associated with this process, while averaging less in overall costs over time.

The fourth step is size selection. Poorly fitting adult diapers or pull-ups can cause wearer discomfort, as well as embarrassing leaks. This can result in odors and stains, which require additional cleaning and sanitizing. The best approach is to measure the user's waist and hip size; then compare the measurements to the product's sizing chart. Please note that sizing ranges can vary between manufacturers! Remember, there is no substitute for trying products and monitoring their suitability for you individual needs. Then, once you find the right fit and features, you can purchase in bulk for additional convenience and cost savings.

The fifth step to consider is perineal (peri) care. Which products provide the best care? How is an effective routine developed, which maintains skin health, while preserving lifestyle and dignity? How can they be used easily and effectively at changes, for bathing and refreshing?

Other than soap and water, additional products are used when giving peri care. Among them are a non-rinse peri-wash, a peri-wash that requires rinsing, skin-barrier creams, or pre-moistened wipes and powder. USE PERI CARE PRODUCTS ACCORDING TO THE MANUFACTURER'S DIRECTIONS. Always wear gloves when giving peri care to protect yourself and the patient.

This information is intended to provide general guidelines in order to acquaint you with the adult diaper selection process and to aid you in initial purchases. Please feel free to contact us at any time at adultdiapercare,com.


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